Apiary, LLC is a real estate company committed to building successful relationships with its clients by blah, blah, and blah.

Do you want to know what’s special about real estate developed by Apiary, LLC?

Andrew Volna owns the company and he knows first hand a thing or two about the challenges facing small businesses (he launched a multi-million dollar business from a parking lot booth in Dinkytown, near the University of Minnesota).

He knows that no small business ever failed because of low overhead.

From the beginning, Apiary’s development strategy has been to create awesome and efficient workspaces that actually help its clients thrive and outgrow their spaces — and move into larger spaces also owned and managed by Apiary.

Parking Booth

An excellent case in point is one of the company’s earliest clients. This web developer started its business in a 500 square foot office in Apiary’s Horton Building. From there, the company moved into 3000 square feet in the Hawkinson Building. And today this web developer is a multi-million dollar enterprise and occupies over 10,000 square feet of renovated space in the company’s Rayvic Building.

Some of the company’s properties offer phone service, high-speed Internet connections, conference room and photocopier use all rolled into the monthly rent. The idea is that shared business infrastructure reduces everyone’s overhead (after all, most small businesses can function just fine sharing a photocopier). But what all the buildings share is the same attentive Apiary management and commitment to client satisfaction and success. This commitment is non-negotiable.